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  • We do not provide consumer Product Recall information on this website.

  • Use the contact information in the specific Product Recall Notice you received.

  • If you are responding to an advertisement or news article regarding a Product Recall, please use the contact information provided within the ad and/or article.

  • Go to to search for Product Recalls and information.

  • Contact the product manufacturer directly.
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Product Recall Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

The FAQs, information and links below provide additional Product Recall resources.

AnswerNet is fully capable of assisting you with your Product Recall services and is not affiliated with any of the following companies and organizations.

These FAQs, descriptions and links are for informational purposes only.


What is a Product Recall?

A Product Recall is the act of requesting the return of a batch or entire production run of a commercial product, usually because of a defect, safety concern, or efficiency problem.

I am a consumer looking for help. Where do I go?

Use the contact information in the specific Product Recall Notice you received. If you did not receive a notice but believe there may be a recall on your product, go to to search for recall information.

I am a business looking for help. Where do I go?

Click on the appropriate link in the right column at the top of this page or Click Here. You can also explore the links below to learn more about Product Recall regulations and other important information.

Do you have a quick synopsis or guide for Product Recalls?

Yes. Click Here to download a guide to fast tracking a Product Recall program and how AnswerNet can assist in this process.


Product Recall Resources – The “one-stop-shop” for U.S. Government recall regulations. – The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has jurisdiction over and information for recalls on several product types. - CPSC Industry Guidance on Product Recalls. - Products Under the Jurisdiction of Other Federal Agencies and Federal Links – U.S. Department of Transportation recall information for automobiles, trucks and motorcycles. – U.S. Food and Drug Administration information for food and drug recalls.


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