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  • We do not provide consumer Product Recall information on this website.

  • Use the contact information in the specific Product Recall Notice you received.

  • If you are responding to an advertisement or news article regarding a Product Recall, please use the contact information provided within the ad and/or article.

  • Go to to search for Product Recalls and information.

  • Contact the product manufacturer directly.
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Product Recall Planning
& Prevention

Product Recalls are expensive. They directly affect your bottom line and, in some cases, your reputation with consumers.

When a product is manufactured and distributed, a potential Product Recall is the last possibility to be considered.

However, having the proper plan set in place in the event of a product defect or danger can save your company money and consumer goodwill.

AnswerNet’s Product Recall Planning & Prevention services are specifically tailored to assist your company with setting a plan in place.

If the need for a Product Recall does arise, we can ramp up your response within hours, not days, so that your customers are safe and your good reputation remains intact.

Plan for Product Recalls Before They Happen

In today’s 24 hour news cycle, responding slowly to a product defect or safety issue can be devastating to a company. Proper planning can help alleviate the financial stress on your company and maintain consumer trust by:

  • Activating an information hotline, already in place, for immediate response once the Product Recall is announced

  • Providing 24/7/365 Product Recall Answering Services to ensure your company is aware of any customer, distributor, or retailer concerns

  • Setting up a consumer complaint and Sarbanes-Oxley/employee whistleblower hotlines to help prevent problems before they result in a recall
    (See AnswerNet's Hotline Services.)

  • Using pre-approved scripting for live AnswerNet agents to call your distributors and retailers to alert them of a potential safety or quality issue

Our Product Recall Prevention & Detection Service Plans are designed to work independently or in conjunction with Product Recall Help Desk & Fulfillment Services and Product Recall Help Desk Services.

Contact Us today to learn more about Product Recall Planning & Prevention.

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